From concept to launch and beyond.
Our turnkey suite of services is designed to create, support, and maintain all aspects of your Web presence. 


Site Design & Development

Spliteye brings every project through a fine-tuned design & development process. This process continues to evolve with every new project to meet the standards of new technology.  We have learned to trust that process and ask the same of our clients.

The Vitruvian principles for good architecture, Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas (durability, functionality, delight), guide our work.


Social Media

SEO and Social Media strategy and implementation are integral parts of our design and development process. We help our clients enhance not only their website but their complete Web presence.


Content Development

Strong roots in architecture, publishing, and Web technology make Spliteye uniquely qualified to serve its clients. Although we are strictly a Web design & development shop, we have a rich network of professional photographers, writers, videographers and marketing strategists ready to help our clients when needed.


Site Security & Monitoring

After creating your new beautiful, responsive website, there is nothing more important to us than its security and protection. We install and maintain SSL certificates on all our new websites. Additionally, we monitor and audit our sites on a weekly basis to ensure they are safe, free of malware, and running at optimal performance levels.


Support & Maintenance

Once we launch your new website, our support and maintenance work begins. We want to be your Webmaster. Modern websites are complex applications that require attention to run smoothly. We offer our clients turnkey, post-launch services that include unlimited content updates, core and component updates, robust and secure hosting, analytics, and overall Web support. 

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